An Australian innovation launched in 2017.

The Project was successfully launched in Sydney 2017, Melbourne 2018, expanded into Macquarie Park (NSW) February 2019, Brisbane May 2019, Adelaide July 2022, Perth November 2022 and continues to spark international interest.

As a business, we are first-to-market with our mission to fast-track diverse Asian talent into Leadership to break through the bamboo ceiling* in Australia and is the trusted specialist Cultural Diversity partner by many Australian organisations.

According to the 2018 Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Leading for Change report, only 1.6% of Australian CEOs and 3.3% of C-Suite Executives have an Asian cultural background. The 2021 Australian Census data confirms 17.4% of residents self-identifying with Asian ancestry.

The bamboo ceiling* is alive and well in Australia.

In response, our Project priorities are:

  • Increasing the visibility of Asian Leaders through cultivating future Board Directors, CEOs, and C-Suite Executives
  • Building a strong networking community where Asian talent can belong, are connected, and supported via ongoing professional and career development opportunities
  • Supporting organisations to achieve business growth through cultural intelligent inclusion and diversity practices

* Bamboo Ceiling – a combination of individual, cultural and organizational factors that impede Asians’ career progress inside organisations

Jane Hyun, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling (2005)

Bamboo Ceiling is a registered trademark of Hyun & Associates

Asian Leadership Project Event


Building a strong networking community.

Images from chapter launches and major partnered events across Australia.

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2022 Perth Chapter Launch

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2022 Adelaide Chapter Launch

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2019 Macquarie Park (NSW) Chapter Launch

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2019 Brisbane Chapter Launch

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2018 Melbourne Chapter Launch

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2018 AHRC Leading for Change research launch

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2017 Sydney Chapter Launch