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Finsia August 2023

Advocacy, mentoring and sponsorship can help break through the bamboo ceiling.

Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling 2023

Marie Coleman on feminism & breaking through Australia's Bamboo Ceiling

Weekend Australian 2022

International students primed to challenge bamboo ceiling.

Weekend Australian 2020

Gender, Race and the Corporate Balance Sheet.

ANZ Blue Notes 2019

Chopping down the "bamboo ceiling" in Australia.

ANZ Blue Notes 2018

Australia’s boards do not accurately reflect the diversity of the country.

AICD March 2018

How to make your board smarter through diversity.

QANTAS Magazine September 2017

We meet the Australians championing cultural diversity in corporate Australia.

Thought Leadership

Diversity in Leadership reports

McKinsey & Company May 2020

Business diversity, equity, and inclusion is stronger than ever.

AHRC April 2018

A Blueprint for Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Leadership.

McKinsey & Company Jan 2018

Link between diversity & company financial performance.

AHRC April 2016

Do we have leadership that is fit for today’s Australia?

Deloitte 2016

The six signature traits of inclusive leadership.